Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, I guess crazy pays off.

On Tuesday, I photographed not one, but two photographers. These are not just some bootleg, amateur photographers, these are pros--The McCardells. These are people that I have done some work for, and who I look to for inspiration and information. The fact that they are photographers was enough to have the pressure on the rise, but this was also a maternity session for their very first child. Wow, I was honored to be able to photograph them. We always have a good time, and we had a great time on Tuesday.

Important to me at least, they really seem to like the images, and have given me permission to post some. Check them out.

This is a good example of overcoming the pressure with preparation and just trusting what you know and what you do. Although I am a lawyer by training, photography is also what I do.

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  1. The McCardells are great photographers. They photographed my wedding and engagement. As a photographer myself, I too look to them for inspiration. Great shots of Jonathan & Renee!